Princeton Internship

The International Internship Program (IIP) provides Princeton students the opportunity to work in the Swedish Parliament - Riksdagen. Below is a short presentation of the program. Learn more about the internship by listening to a podcast with Göran Pettersson and the 2012 intern Yuliya Barsukova.

Link to the podcast

For more information contact Göran Pettersson or Yuliya Barsukova.

The Swedish Parliament - Riksdagen
Learn politics from the inside. You will work as a political aide to Göran Pettersson, a member of the Swedish Parliament. You will assist and advise him on different political issues. As part of your internship you will learn more about Sweden and Swedish politics by doing research and visiting departments, authorities, organizations and companies. You will also get to know a lot of young people working for the parliamentarians. You will work as a sidekick/host for Political Talk Radio podcast. During your internship you are expected to keep a blog where you will write about your assignments and findings. Göran Pettersson serves on the standing committee on finance and his main spheres of interest are fiscal and monetary policy, energy and security policy. Topics, however, are not restricted to the above mentioned ones. Other sectors can be included in your work. The working language will be English if you don’t speak Swedish.

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